Sprinkle the installation steps to determine the installation height

- Oct 10, 2017-


Now a lot of places to buy flower is aspersed to receive installation, although the price is not expensive, but it won't pay for consumers too, in fact, flower is aspersed installation is not difficult, as long as mastering the installation height, flower is aspersed DIY DIY can fix the flower is aspersed installation process, below small make up to introduce the flower is aspersed installation method and the flower is aspersed installation height.

Sprinkles the installation method step

1. First, prepare the necessary tools for the installation of flower sprinkles: drill, screwdriver, ruler, hammer (if the tools such as drill and hammer can go to the hardware store on loan);

2. Read the instructions, then measure the size with tape measure, determine the location of the shower installation and the installation height, and mark the installation.

3. Place the spout support in a marked position and use a pencil to indicate the location of the hole.

4. Make holes in the wall according to the position you just made.

5. Hammer the expansion sleeve of the expansion screw into the hole, then screw the round bottom cover of the parts to the wall;

6. Spread the spout on the wall, stabilize the fixed point above and then fix the position below.

7. After confirming all the inner contact Angle screws that are fixed at the fixed point, adjust carefully;

8. Tighten the hose sleeve and install the hand shower. The installation step is over.

So, how to determine the height of the installation?

For flower sprinkles installation height, the industry has clear provision, according to the type of flower asperses divides into two kinds, one kind is the dark set flower asperses, another kind is bright outfit flower asperses. According to the relevant regulations, the center of the dark buried outlet should be 2.1 meters from the ground, and the center of the shower switch should be 1.1 meters from the ground. To be defined, the flower sprinkles can be defined with a sprinkling of flowers, and the height of the shower should be 2 meters above the ground. But this rule is dead, and the person is alive, so in the course of actual use, with the flower is aspersed installation height is entirely personal willingness, as long as you use comfortable, is there a link between what the flower is aspersed installation height is how much.