The Advantages and shortcomings of Stainless Steel Faucet

- Nov 13, 2017-

The Advantages of stainless steel faucet

1, the surface by the polished, the appearance of a silver luster, beautiful and beautiful, smooth and delicate touch, not rusty, everlasting new; after casting advanced technology, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali, with good physical properties.

2, the material does not contain lead, there is no exudation material, does not produce odor, to ensure the quality of the effluent is healthy, hygienic and does not pollute the water quality. At the same time, stainless steel faucets do not require electroplating in the production, greatly reducing the harm to the environment, do not need to worry about the coating off, the surface of the polish on the environment pollution is relatively small.

3, the use of durable, after the actual test, the life expectancy of up to a hundred years, during which almost do not need special maintenance treatment, to solve the taps in the past to replace and maintain the tedious, economical and environmentally friendly, easy to clean.

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The shortcomings of stainless steel faucet

1, the production process is complex, demanding technical requirements, the process is not mature, there are not many manufacturers have a certain size, followed by the price is relatively high.

2, lead-free does not mean completely healthy, stainless steel contains chromium, nickel and other elements, chromium is toxic, will destroy the body of DNA, liver, kidney, etc., have carcinogenic and can cause mutations. In addition, when chlorine-sterilized water assimilates internal isotopes and corrodes faucets.