The advantages of thermostatic shower

- Apr 11, 2018-

  Thermostatic shower the temperature  is constant and the temperature can be adjusted within the appropriate  water temperature from 38 degrees to 49 degrees. It is automatically  stopped at more than 55 degrees. In the same water  pressure, it can also maintain the constant temperature of the outlet  water temperature change value can be controlled at about 2 degrees. Guaranteed  a single flow rate of 3 meters below the water supply condition,  >4.5 liters per minute, 90 degrees cold and hot water inlet angle  design, cold water flow to bring out the hot water, ensure the flow of  water, when the hot water temperature increases, its Mixing water flow can be >8 litres/minute.

There is security: once the water temperature setting, repeated use without frequent debugging, that is, open. Cold  water stop hot water section, hot water stop cold water section water  inlet end stop flow, within 2 seconds automatically cut off the water!