The Choice of Shower Head

- Nov 06, 2019-

The choice of shower head.

1. Choose the material for the shower head

Shower shower also has a lot of material, have half copper, full copper, stainless steel, alloy. For us common people choose all copper line. Half copper can be used in the general hotel, poor quality, the quality of copper general. If the economic conditions are good can choose stainless steel and alloy, longer service life.

2. How do you measure the quality of a shower head?

Shower flower is asperged have a lot of material, take complete copper for its weight is very heavy. So the quality of a shower is measured by its own weight. It is to see brand next, the brand that understands shower flower asperses on the network beforehand undertakes judging again next. The faucet switch that still can be asperted through shower flower is agile and sturdiness still have the water outlet hole that the flower asperses place undertakes judging.

3. Choose what you need to prepare for your shower head

Need is ready between wei yu water course is connected work, the ground between wei yu and metope are decorated finish hind undertake, water and electricity handles hind to undertake. Plan the height, range and location of the shower beforehand.