The choose and buy embedded bath must notice the matter

- Oct 13, 2017-


Enter wall type sanitary ware are increasingly into people's lives, flower is aspersed, bibcock and sanitary ware, enter wall type structure of conceal the water pipe, water tank, etc, let a space become delicate and contracted.

The wall type flower shower is just a top spout and a switch, which is much more refreshing than the structure of the usual sprinkles, which include sprinkles, sprinkles, and hoses. The independent installation that enters a wall bibcock also emancipates the design of face basin at the same time, because the basin does not need to consider again with bibcock inside union, modelling has more freedom of choice. Enter the wall type cleaner to conceal the water tank, make the face of the toilet come a big face - these avant-garde bathroom equipment not only saves the space, also make the space easier to take care of.

The product that enters a wall type defends bath to want to pay attention to design first, before laying toilet ceramic tile, want to be buried well water and discharge conduit. Enter wall type sanitary ware installation content to consider more, the first is the drainage way of toilet, points to two rows and wall, ground line is the outlet of the toilet is on the ground, also called straight line; Wall platoon, it is the drain of closestool to connect on the wall, also call side row. The structure of the floor and wall structure determines the type of toilet, and the wall type cleanser applies to the structure of the bathroom wall.

Followed by the hole spacing, usually we say before the choose and buy closestool measure outlet center distance the distance of metope, refers to the toilet pit from on line structure, if the installation to flush the toilet is measuring the height of the center distance of the ground, the outlet of

This is the pit spacing of the wall. When measuring the ceramic tile is if the ground is not the thickness of the ceramic tile is also taken into consideration, row toilet wall with 120 mm and 180 mm for common specifications, generally 20 mm within the error range can be installed directly.