The installation sequence of hardware sanitary ware

- Oct 13, 2017-

Insert wall brick - condole top - laid floor tile - install big toilet, wash basin, bath tub - install connect conduit - install lamps and lanterns, outlet, mirror - install towel bar and other hardware fittings.

1. The installation sequence of the toilet

Check below ground nozzle pipe - on the mouth - the flat land is - a good mark - play the hole with putty - on the rubber mat - screw on the nuts - water tank for drawing two side mark on the back - punching - insert the bolt - twist prison - back tank hanging flat alignment - screw nut - install back water tank water elbow - installed eight doors - insert the floating gate and a horoscope doors - tighten nut.

2. The installation sequence of washbasin

Insert the expansion bolt into - twist - the basin tube rack - place the basin on the rack to find the level-water connection: the washbasin - straightening - up the water connection.

3. Installation sequence of bath tub

Water installation - putty close - up - water installation - try to find positive.