The sanitary ware industry in China has been surging for 30 years

- Sep 25, 2019-

2011-2015:5 years of integration and reform in the bathroom industry

Since 2011, with the strict control of real estate by the state, many brands began to feel the pressure of performance growth. Especially for those brands operating on leverage, channel construction was not as effective as before, and many channel agents did not earn enough money to subsidize decoration. In this era of competition, channel advantage is no longer a competitive advantage. Many agents are faced with the situation of rare passenger flow and low transaction probability of customers. Therefore, promotion, as a sharp sword, transformed consumers from perceptual to more and more rational in a few years. In the era of crazy promotion from 2010 to 2012, promotion is like a sharp knife, which often achieves exceptionally good results. However, at the same time, group buying and bargaining will even destroy the last bit of emotion of consumers. Nearly a year ago, no matter the brand promotion or alliance group purchase bargaining will, let many agents have begun to sigh can not afford to hurt, no matter the sanitary ware industry brand or agents, are seeking the way of change. Current wei yu industry, begin to need intensive cultivation, just be the way that grows. A variety of brand transformation, brand upgrading began to emerge, on this road, the original advanced has begun to feel a variety of pressure, some brands began to taste the large-scale expansion of the bitter fruit.

The 30 years of sanitary ware industry is the 30 years of China's reform and opening up. Thirty years, no matter which industry produced significant change, the sanitary ware industry is more complete from bud to high-speed growth, to mature and strong competition stage. The future industry winners will be the leaders who continue to catch the trends of social change and catch them.