The strongest strategy that bath decorates Small make up teach you choose sanitary ware

- Oct 19, 2017-

Bathroom decorate a family to decorate when development is an important part of today's bathing facilities are very advanced, this also let time nervous captious fashionable men and women, and life have a simple and efficient way of bath. So, to defend bath to decorate, defend bath cleanser how should we choose?

ABS Plastic Shower Head

Shower room chooses bright spot

Human choice: comfort and safety are the most humanized design of shower room. First is a comfortable temperature, both inside and outside the shower room set up two-way regulating the temperature control knob, can let those particularly sensitive to the temperature of the elderly and children, from the beginning to use the most comfortable warm water.

The most practical choice: choose to surround the shower curtain to do partition, not only can reflect romantic emotional appeal adequately, still can be in shower curtain to be collected at the time to maximize the space. This is a very fashionable choice for young people.

Avant-garde choice: because of clever design, as shower room glass partition can fold. Can open the glass door on switch fold hinges, can easily from the wall compose a fashionable avant-courier of shower room, when it is completely folded up still is part of the wall. This choice of combining space can bring a lot of interest and enjoyment to life.

The shower room full of emotional appeal: the colour of shower room is often relatively unitary. The shower room that chooses coloured transparent material makes the shower room is not to have a flavour, the shower room that installs such a room will become a beautiful scenery line in the home of oneself.

Bathtub select highlights

For bath crock, came in the 70 s, water massage bath crock, again after the 80 s bubble massage function, since the hot water temperature function, self-cleaning water cycle function, automatic aseptic function, the function of incense, etc., and ultrasonic massage function appeared in recent years, the functions of color therapy. It is a kind of noble enjoyment to lie in such a powerful bathtub for a man who is very comfortable with his life.

The most sturdy bathtub: wood, acrylic, steel and other materials can make bathtub. If often stood bathed in the bathtub, it must choose a wear-resisting non-slip bath crock, let's consider the German steel bath, it not only have the above two function, and the price is not expensive.

Open bathtubs: a four-legged bath will allow some avant-garde people to put it in an open bedroom or living room. Such a choice is sufficient to manifest individuality, while also allowing users to enjoy other life content: TV, music, etc.

The most environmentally friendly bath: bring water purification systems can be bathed in automatic sewage purification, can not change water for a long time, so as to achieve dual purpose to save water and sanitation, own self heating system at the same time, will automatically when using water to heat up, meet the use requirements.


At present the material of wash basin of wash basin in the market becomes rich and colorful with personalize requirement, but ceramic product still is advocate, first choice. Therefore for this kind of wash basin, ceramic glaze is very important. The glaze will be directly related to the product quality. The smooth glaze is not only anti-pollution, but also cleaner and more anti-bacterial. Choose, can be in bright light, look at product surface carefully, with no sand eye, hemp, glaze is smooth, delicate, smooth is good. In addition, the water absorption rate is also an important basis for the quality and quality of the ceramic wash basin. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality, the better the glaze, the lower the water absorption rate.