The tap knowledge of hardware of wei yu hardware is widespread

- Oct 13, 2017-


In home decorating, the faucet has extremely high value, bibcock wants one step in place, use it at least 10 years, and still need to look good class.

Faucet basic common sense in the home decorating, more and more people realize the importance of bibcock, especially in hutch wei decorate to have extremely high request to the faucet. The tap needs to be in place, at least for a decade, and it looks like a class. Find the following ten key words before you buy the tap.

Wei wei hardware hot words review the faucet

1. Copper ontology: as far as the faucet is concerned, copper has long been the preferred material for the unmade, mainly because the antibacterial effect of the copper medium has been recognized by the detection of the authoritative laboratory. High-grade wei yu brand most chooses copper to use as the main body of bibcock, other material to be eliminated already become inevitable trend.

2. Electroplating: the surface of electroplating is the most direct performance of the leading quality. Surface plating is mainly nickel and chromium to achieve smooth and brilliant effect. The quality of the faucet will go through a heavy experiment, such as salt fog test, test water test, gas test, etc., to ensure the durability of the faucet. After high precision electroplating of the faucet, durability is basic, more importantly, its surface gloss is good and feel comfortable. Some of the top faucet surfaces also have different processing techniques, such as stainless steel surfaces and satin.

3. Filter: in areas where water quality is not superior, filters can be installed to reduce and filter impurities, while preventing impurities from possible damage to ceramic cartridge. The screen installation position has two: inlet and outlet.

Rotation Angle: the ability to rotate 180 degrees makes work convenient, and the ability to rotate 360 degrees is only meaningful for a sink that is placed in the center of the house.

5. Stretch the shower head: increase the effective radius and increase the possibility of more multi-function. The sink and container can be filled more quickly. To avoid unpleasant sounds, avoid metal tubes.

6. Pipe length: experience shows that 50cm of tube is sufficient and can be purchased for up to 70 cm or more on the market.

Calcification: calcium deposits are deposited in the shower head and the automatic cleaning system. The same happens on the faucet, where silicon accumulates. An integrated air cleaner has a calcification system and can prevent the equipment from being calcified inside.

8. Anti-reflux system: this system prevents dirty water from being pumped into the clean water pipe and consists of layers of materials. The device equipped with a backflow system will be shown on the surface of the packaging as a DVGM.

Materials: stainless steel is sanitary and environmentally friendly. Chrome-branded devices are easy to care and harmless to people, but they need to be added to the process. So you have to pay attention to what the equipment is made of, not all countries have that high standard.

Durability: the calcification system can protect the equipment from leakage and damage to the handle.