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- Oct 10, 2017-


When most people are in the shower, it is found that the longer the shower nozzle is used, the smaller the water flow, because it is not normally maintained, the shower head is blocked. If you want to solve this problem, check out some small tips.

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The shower nozzle is blocked for cause

Shower head can appear blockage situation, what reason? It depends. In general, if your shower head is not very long and it is not long, but it is blocked by the sprinkler head, it may be caused by the poor quality of your shower nozzle.

But if you shower has been installed for a long time, long time, meet nozzle clogging, so this is because the shower water for a long time, the impurities in the water will be accumulated to the nozzle, down for a long time can cause nozzle clogging, belongs to the normal situation.

The shower nozzle is blocked

The method that solves the blocking of shower head also needs to see the reason that the shower nozzle is blocked. 1. If it is due to the poor quality of shower nozzle, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the shower head during the purchase, and choose the shower nozzle with qualified quality. Generally need to purchase to the regular large commodity inspection, and do not covet petty gain, and the use of plastic products such as shower heads, and copper should choose a shower, can prevent the shower nozzle clogging, cracking and other quality problems.

2. If it is caused by the prolonged use of the shower, we need to clean the shower head regularly in our daily life. In general can use white vinegar to eliminate such as scale, the use of specific ways as follows: once every three months to clean up, will shower and dismantling, soaked in bowl containing vinegar, time in 4 to 6 hours, after the nozzle is clean, install back, after the water with the outflow of scale and it can reach the effect of cleaning scale, destroy bacteria.

Shower head cleaning precautions

For the spraying head of the electroplating surface, we need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the surface. Need us after use, keep the surface clean, often with a soft cloth, with flour, wipe the surface with clear water to wash, keep the surface bright and clean, prolong its service life.

Summary: in order to be more comfortable in the shower, we need to clean up the sprinkler head regularly in our daily life, so that we can get rid of the blocking and not disturb the shower.