Type of Shower Head

- Mar 02, 2020-

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of showers, namely handheld showers, top showers, and side showers, but in general, what consumers call showers are handheld showers, and this is also the most common for us. The product. The shower in this article also refers to the hand shower, which is classified by function as follows:

1. Dechlorination

Tap water contains a variety of bacteria. Generally, chlorine is added to achieve a sterilization effect. Since it can be sterilized, it is naturally toxic. If the body absorbs it in large quantities, it will cause disease. Chlorine can be absorbed by the human body through the skin, and many people will take precautions against it, so the dechlorinating shower comes into being.

This type of shower emits far-infrared rays from the internal ceramic structure, activating tap water and reducing chlorine. The water is not only suitable for showering but also suitable for watering plants.

Recommended crowd: people with sensitive skin, people with high requirements for water quality

2. Water-saving and environmental protection

At present, environmental protection is prevailing, and bathroom manufacturers are also taking advantage of various water-saving products, including water-saving showers. The water-saving amount of water-saving showers from different manufacturers varies and generally saves about 50%.

The water-saving shower not only saves water but by controlling the amount of hot water output, it also unknowingly saves natural gas or electricity, which can effectively achieve environmental protection purposes.

However, when purchasing such a shower, you should pay attention to whether the product sacrifices the shower effect to achieve water saving purposes. Good products will add a pressure boosting device while saving water so that the shower experience will not be affected.

Recommended crowd: People with high environmental awareness

3.The spa effect

The spray holes of this shower are generally denser and thinner, and the water can diffuse downward like mist. Taking a shower with this shower will have a feeling of spa treatment, and this shower is also very suitable for infants.

In addition, some of these products can adjust the amount of air contained in the water, and increasing the air pressure can increase the strength of the water and achieve the effect of massaging acupressure points.

Recommended crowd: parents of babies, people who like to enjoy the shower

4. Attached water switch

When taking a shower, if you want to stop the water, you usually use the handle on the shower column to operate, which will be slightly inconvenient. Some showers will have an on / off button near the sprinkler head, which can easily open and close the water outlet.

If you often wash your hair with a shower, even if your shampoo covers your eyes, you can easily open and close it, which is very convenient.

Recommended crowd: lazy people, people who often wash their hair

5. Vitamin C can be added

Some showers place a storage bottle inside the spray head or handle, which can contain vitamin C. As mentioned above, tap water contains chlorine. Showering with high-chlorine tap water will cause discomfort to sensitive skin. If the water stream is filtered through vitamin C before spraying, the chlorine content will be greatly reduced, thereby improving water quality. Showering with filtered water, I believe the skin will become smooth.

It is reminded that such showers need to be purchased separately in storage bottles and special vitamin C granules.

Recommended crowd: those with sensitive skin and those with higher requirements for water quality

6.With LED lights

Showering is a joy, it can eliminate the fatigue of the day, if you add some color in the process, it will add a lot of fun. At present, many manufacturers will add LED lights to the shower, and some products do not require batteries but use water to generate electricity, which is safe and economical.

Recommended crowd: people who are seeking change and enjoy the fun.

7.Increase water pressure

There is a device inside the booster shower, which can press the air in. Using the pressure of the air, the effluent water flow can be enhanced with the same amount of water. Some showers can also intelligently limit the flow and automatically adjust the water inlet area according to the pressure of the water. When the water pressure is low, the water inlet area is turned on to make the water volume reach a balance, which can both increase the pressure and save water.

In addition, this type of shower also has the effect of boosting pressure by reducing the number and size of nozzles, which can also be considered when purchasing.

Recommended crowd: people in low water pressure areas

8.Carbonated beauty

Anyone who knows hot springs knows that many hot springs have carbonic acid. Carbonic acid has a cleaning and maintenance effect on human skin, which is mostly preferred by beauty lovers.