Ultra - practical bathroom sanitary ware shopping guide

- Oct 16, 2017-

To urbanite, the importance of wei yu space already cannot be defended. Clean body and mind, sublimate soul. The space that defend bath is also the most can reflect users' quality of life the pursuit of and enjoy in life, some friends on life recently asked me about the choose and buy of sanitary wares on things, just want to chat with you ware. I am also very happy to share with you some knowledge about clean ware and hope to help you a little bit when you are shopping for a clean ware.

Classification of sanitary wares

Mainly include, the toilet, bibcock, flower asperses, basin, bath crock.

There are two types of siphoning, including jet siphoning and whirlpool siphoning.

The principle of siphon type toilet is to borrow water to form siphon action inside discharge tube, discharge of filth, its discharge mouth is small, use rise noise is small, relatively quiet. The disadvantage is that the water consumption is large, and generally 6 liters of storage is used up.

According to the discharge direction, the rear type & the bottom row

The back row is also called the wall row or the horizontal row, according to the literal meaning can be known its discharge direction. Consider the height of the outlet center from the ground when choosing the rear seat.

The bottom row is also called ground or vertical, as the name implies, it means the flush of the toilet on the ground. The next type of toilet should be paid attention to the distance from the center of the sewage outlet to the wall, and the distance from the outlet to the wall is about 400mm 305mm.

Flower is aspersed

With a hand shower, you can shower the flower in your hand and hold it with a spray holder

Sprinkling spray, large amount of water, good effect

There are also somatic sprinkles, which are sprayed on the wall and sprayed on the body. There are various installation positions and water spray angles, which can be cleaned and massaged. Buy what you buy based on what you're using.



According to the material, can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel, cast iron, full plastic, brass, zinc alloy material faucet, high polymer composite material faucet. According to the structure, can be divided into single, double - and triple - type taps. In addition, there are single handle and dual handle. A single handle faucet can adjust the temperature of the cold and hot water through a handle, and the dual handle needs to adjust the cold water tube and the hot water pipe respectively to regulate the water temperature. It can be divided into spiral, spanner, lifting and induction.

In addition, there is also a kind of time delay shutoff faucet, turn off switch, the water still will be in a few seconds again to stop, so turn off the dirty thing on the hand when turn the faucet again can clean again.

Shower room

According to function: cent integral shower room and simple shower room

According to the style: the corner type shower room, a zigzag bath screen, the circular arc shower room, bathtubs and so on

According to the shape of the chassis: square, full circle, fan, diamond shape shower room, etc

Door structure: sliding door, folding door, flat open shower room etc.

Face basin

According to the style: the column basin table basin

Cylinder face basin is suitable for small area or use less than high toilet;

Table face basin is suitable for installation in the toilet with larger area, can be made of natural stone or man-made stone mesa and cooperate to use, also can supply the bathroom cabinet under the table, all things that defend bath, beautiful and practical;

There are many basic types that can be used

Still have wei yu hang a piece, commonly refer to install on the toilet, bathroom wall, use to place or hang air cleaning supplies, towel clothes product. Include: coat hook, single layer towel bar, double towel bar, single holder, double cup holder, soap dish, soap net, towel ring, towel rack, makeup stand, toilet brush, bath towel rack, double rack, etc.

Bath tub

The function is divided into: ordinary bath crock and jacuzzi.

According to the appearance: skirt side bath crock and without skirt side bath crock.

According to material: cast iron enamel bath crock, steel plate enamel bath crock, glass steel bath crock, artificial agate and man-made marble bath crock, water millstone bath crock, wooden bath crock, ceramic bath crock etc.

Cast iron bath crock, enamel bath crock and acrylic bath.

Choose and buy clean with a few notices to buy according to different demand