What are the advantages of PVC shower hoses

- Dec 26, 2017-

 PVC shower hose, generally divided into a number of sanitary plastic materials, plastic hoses, food grade hose, hose imports and so on. A system that was once widely used for some gas delivery lines to individual water piping systems. But now in recent years the PVC piping system has almost zero market in some gas delivery areas, but the use of PVC hoses in some pressure-free systems such as some drainage, waste disposal and some sewage systems , Slowly gaining a steady growth, mainly because of PVC raw material production of a pull of crude oil no other thermoplastic plastic big, so that other production costs will be relatively low.

PVC Plastic White Wire Shower Hose

   PVC hose using a very high-quality high-strength bright fiber yarn, high-quality PVC synthesis to extrusion and molding. Some tanks, which are clear and transparent, also tend to awaken control of the flow of liquid being delivered. And the inner and outer glues strong gluten is not easy to layer, and high pressure, corrosion resistance, the material is non-toxic, its long life. Pvc hose packaging can be customized according to customer, and its small size, easy to close, mobile is also very convenient.
    PVC hose it has some light weight, and corrosion-resistant, high pressure strength, sanitation more secure, and the flow resistance is relatively small, you can save a lot of energy, save some of the metal, so that we can improve our Living environment, but also use a longer life expectancy, the installation is very convenient.