What are the differences between bathroom hardware?

- Oct 15, 2017-

Sanitary hardware in the modern family usually include soap, soap dish, gargle beverage holder, towel ring, towel rack, towel rack, towel rack, clothes hook, shelf, etc., these small accessories modelling changeable, material is rich, for everybody below summarizes the elements of the choose and buy sanitary hardware, the comparison of the pros and cons of different sanitary hardware products and matters needing attention of choose and buy.


Defend bath hardware shopping strategy

Below summarize the elements of sanitary hardware: material: copper, stainless steel, aluminum and copper zinc alloy, etc., all copper (giant), aluminum (easy oxidation) is not recommended to buy, not copper steel 304 durability, alloy and high prices the beauty is generous. Pipe fittings: hollow tube and solid tube, these are after all used to hang bath towel, towel, toilet paper, put, wash and rinse, cosmetics of light quality goods, choose hollow tube enough to use. The method of judging the quality of coating:

See: generally speaking, the surface is brighter and more delicate, the more obvious the mirror effect, the better the coating process.

Several brand assistants to introduce two listening: listen, mainly with the introduction of the coating, good sanitary hardware not only experienced the early stage of the grinding, polishing, dusting, and there are as many as six or seven layers of nickel plating and chrome plating process, coating, the more the better the quality;

Three is: can you see the stand or fall of material, using the method of holding cast iron material for some businesses will pretend to be all copper or copper zinc alloy metal, hardware in hand after two or three seconds to loosen, the fog and traces disappear soon we can determine the basic is copper, if the fog traces, soup, material will most likely not copper.

Comparison of hardware of different sanitary ware:

I. raw materials

Inferior quality: generally USES inferior zinc alloy reraw material to make raw material, and cut down to reduce material to reduce cost, the structure is loose, the weight is light, the hand feels frivolous.

Best products: pure copper, high quality zinc alloy or titanium alloy as raw materials, with strict structure, heavy weight and thick handle. Raw materials are good for pure copper.

2. Die-casting and finishing process

Inferior quality: adopt small die-casting machine and simple machine tool, the pressure is insufficient, the product hair PI PI surface has the stomata, the silk grain, the crack defect and the surface inequality phenomenon, the polishing process is rough, the process is simple.

Superior: controlled by computer large precision die casting machine and digital precision machine tools, rough surface is smooth, level off, without air hole, silking defect phenomenon, such as grinding, polishing when the process is rigorous, the procedure is various.


Substandard products: electric plating with thin and uneven, loose structure, binding force, brightness, because directly on the rough chrome plating, use after a period of time the surface easy to rust, wear and tear, blistering, peeling off. The coating thickness is less than 20 micron, the material is easy to be oxidized by air, and the coating surface is more scratches and burrs.

Is superior, in strict accordance with the national electroplating process standard, USES the import original copper, and after copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating three process finishes, the bright, visual feeling thick, use for a long time didn't wear, corrosion, bubble or peeling, experience is long cover is new. The structure is compact, the coating is homogeneous, "color surface", the coating thickness is generally more than 30 microns, the coating surface has no scratches and burrs.

Four, accessories

Inferior goods: fastener USES iron screw, easy to rust, glass products adopt domestic low grade product, thick and thin not even, the transparency is low, vision is cloudy.

Excellent products: the fastener adopts stainless steel screws or brass screws. The glass products are made of imported glass rings, plates, thickness and uniformity, with high transparency and clear vision.

Five, packaging

Inferior goods: the packaging is used to the poor raw material, the printing is rough, the trademark is not clear, eye-catching, generally not in the packing and the label manufacturers, even the white leather packing "three no" products.

The packaging design is beautiful, the printing is fine, the trademark is clear, eye-catching, all are listed in the manufacturer and the detailed address, the internal and the quality inspection book, installation instructions.

Vi. After-sales service

Poor quality: no after-sales service, no effective installation instruction or quality assurance book.

Best quality: generally 3 to 5 years of quality assurance commitment, and effective quality assurance book, inspection identification, installation instructions and telephone number of manufacturer.

The selling point shows the after-sale service

Inferior goods: no unified selling point display, the display board tends to make a rough, rough, product market price chaos, usually do not have the special contract agent (distribution) business.

Excellent products: unified design, beautiful selling point display, the display board is well made, the market standard, the price is unified, usually set up the special agent (distribution) business.


Sanitary ware is mainly composed of sanitary ceramics and accessories. There should be a matching consciousness when choosing. All parts and accessories of the whole product should be at the same level. The style of matching product modelling, tonal must match, this ability is harmonious and beautiful.