What are the materials of the faucet?

- Apr 02, 2018-

What are the materials of the tap? At present, the tap materials on the market may include cast iron, titanium alloys, zinc alloys, copper chrome plating, stainless steel chrome plating, aluminum alloy chrome plating, iron chrome plating, plastics, and ceramics.

1, iron faucet
    Iron faucets are prone to rust, and replacement and disassembly are difficult, just like magnets. Generally, there are some small taps, the surface is more difficult to handle, the appearance is rough; large hot and cold faucets use less iron, processing is more difficult; iron faucet has gradually been eliminated.
2, zinc alloy faucet
    Zinc alloy faucets are harmful to the human body. The shell is easily corroded and broken by the impact of water, and the surface is white after grinding. At present, it is generally made of sand-turning technology and machine die-casting, and the interior is smooth and flat.
3, copper faucet
    The interior of the copper is rough, and the inside of the faucet can be observed. It is no problem to see the brass color when it is inconspicuous. At present, copper is the most suitable material for the faucet.
4, ceramic faucet
    Faucets made of ceramics have the advantages of no rust, oxidation, and wear-resistance compared to other materials. The appearance is generous and brings out the high-end atmosphere of the entire space.
5, stainless steel faucet
    Stainless steel faucets do not contain lead, acid and alkali, and are not easily corroded. Hardness and toughness are more than twice that of brass faucets. However, hardness, toughness, and cutting are both more difficult and costly than copper faucets.
Among the above-mentioned faucet materials, cast iron faucets have gradually been eliminated, and all-plastic faucets are mostly used in special fields; now, the most common tap materials for home use are: copper, alloys, ceramics, and stainless steel. Among these common faucet materials, alloy faucets are harmful to human health; ceramic and stainless steel faucets have their own advantages, but the price is higher, the processing technology is more demanding, and the number of product types is less, and it has not yet been universally popular; copper faucets rely on excellent value for money Taking advantage of the faucet material market is one of the best in household faucets.