What are the tips of a bathroom shower

- Oct 10, 2017-


In the people's impression, the sunflower shower is a very simple commodity, but this simple appearance, but has a very simple connotation. Choose a good sunflower is aspersed can bring more comfortable to enjoy to your shower, for many consumers, shower itself is a kind of fun and enjoyment, so for sunflower attaches great importance to the choose and buy.

1. How to buy sunflower

Spilled sunflower is also a kind of flower is aspersed, so skills are common to the choose and buy, the shower needs are comfortable feeling, after all, here small make up, to introduce the three sunflower is aspersed skills: how to choose and buy

1. Which kind of flowers should I choose?

First, you should select the suitable use of the sun shower according to the water pressure in your own home, so as to ensure the steady flow of water.

The main body of the solar flower can be divided into two kinds: lifting and non-lifting, but according to the actual height of the family.

The appearance of the light of the appearance of the good quality sunflower, or the design of the soap box, is convenient.

2. The sun-shower with the function of dripping water

The advantage of selecting the shower with dripping function is to save water and operate conveniently. It is also a kind of protection for the interior parts of the solar shower. The shower can also prompt users to turn off the water.

3. Solar shower with rubber water granule

This kind of flower asperses to use convenient, and clean also is convenient, need to gently push water jacket, can remove scale and blockage; This kind of sunflower shower has good decorative effect. In the shower, the skin still has certain massage effect.

How about the shower

Sun, big, round, looks very full, feels very comfortable, sunflower is aspersed is derived from its name, in fact, the so-called spilled sunflower, is like the sun very big very round flower is aspersed, commonly known as the head, or head shower, around the term is also different.

In fact, the sunflower sprinkle looks very simple a commodity, but in such a simple outward expression, really have not simple connotation. The moral of the sunflower is to want to give you the warmth of the sun generally, because the flower asperses is bigger, the feeling that gives a person is thicker, can give a person to bring a different sense of security.

The use of the sunflower is aspersed is more extensive, because its flower is aspersed is bigger, so the water is relatively high, the water spraying down from above, smooth lines, comfortable, give you a comfortable bath in the bath. Of course the appearance that the sunflower asperses is belonged to contracted vogue, beautiful and generous. The front of the head spray and the hand of the hand with flower asperses is made mostly of ABS plastic rubber material, soft moderate is not blocked, convenient to later purges and manage. Most of the sunflowers can be used to control the flow of water on the front, allowing you to adjust the flow of water at will. The direction and Angle of sprinkling shower can also be adjusted freely, which is very convenient to use.