What if the shower spring hose leaks?

- Mar 27, 2019-

PVC Plastic Silver Black Shower Hose.jpg

Not long ago, the spring hose of the shower suddenly leaked. The shower head could not get water, could not shower, and could not find maintenance measures on the Internet. So I explored it and finally repaired it. I think many families have showers. It may also have this. The problem of the class summarizes the experience.

First make sure that the spring hose enclosed in the photo is leaking and the water cannot be delivered to the shower head. If the shower head leaks, it is best to replace the new shower head.

Unscrew the sleeve of the fixed hose and the shower head (almost all the shower heads are easy to find).

There is a small tube in the spring hose, and the small spring tube is pulled out by the shaking spring hose.

I found a nylon rope that is thirty or forty centimeters long. This is easy to find. I can't go to the supermarket to ask for one. If you can't find it, you can use other soft rope instead.

Wrap the nylon rope around the head of the small pipe and master the strength. Don't tie the small pipe to death. This is mainly to block the spring hose and prevent the small tube from slipping into the spring hose, so don't wrap too much or too little.

Incorporate the iron head of the small tube into the shower head, and tighten the sleeve by connecting the spring hose and the shower head.