What is tempered glass? Why does the tempered glass exist in the self explosion?

- Jul 11, 2017-

In general, the glass used by the shower room manufacturers is a tempered glass that has been processed by physical means, that is, the process by which the glass cools after heating to a certain temperature. Tempered glass changes the crystal structure inside the glass, enhances the surface hardness, the glass impact resistance, bending strength than the ordinary glass 3-5 times. When damaged by external forces, glass shows no sharp-angle small fragments, the damage to the human body is significantly reduced. However, the disadvantage of tempered glass is that once you accidentally destroy a small part of the whole, (including edges, corners), it is not like ordinary glass only missing a part of the whole piece is broken.

Tempered glass in the production process, because of a certain factor caused the pressure is uneven when it will explode; or when the product is finished because the internal and external compressive stress of the glass cannot be averaged, it will be reflected by the product in the dynamic phenomenon of violence, or in the peripheral factors, such as in the glass installation when the force is uneven and the hard material directly on the top of the glass surface will be a phenomenon of self-violence. Therefore, the physical tempered glass will have a certain rate of self-violence.