What is the operating principle of induction flusher ?

- Nov 23, 2017-

  1. The basic information of induction flusher
    Induction flusher classification:
    According to the actual application is divided into: urinal flush and squat flushing
    1, urinal flush: refers to the urinal or urinal dedicated flush system above to prevent stinky toilet, mold and bacteria breeding.

    2, squatting and flushing: the main application in the squatting pan.

  2. Buying knowledge of induction flusher

    1, Look at the flusher: see the body of the flusher and the surface of the plating is smooth and smooth. This is because, in the humid environment such as kitchen space, the surface of the flusher is usually subjected to chrome plating, but the chrome plating is the same, and the difference in the processing of the process is very large. According to business introduction, a good tube with copper material, the surface to be polished, polished, dust, nickel, chrome and other handling processes to ensure that in use will not change black hair, blisters off, in general, from Flush valve surface, the naked eye can see the more light and delicate, the better the coating process.

    2, Test Sensor: According to the book on the product use of induction time and the water out of time, test in the field to determine whether as the book said.

  3. Induction flushing device cleaning and maintenance

    The induction flusher is quite simple to clean. Wipe the surface with a wiped wet cloth to keep the flusher clean and tidy. Sensing module cleaning is more important, if the accumulation of too much dirt and other stains will affect the sensitivity of their induction, reducing the use of the product.

  4. Induction flusher function and characteristic

    1, intelligent water: a single flush, the body left the sensing range after 4 seconds automatically flush 7 seconds, more effective in avoiding the waste of water resources.

    2, anti-odor design: set a 24-hour automatic flush when no one used to prevent the water in the reservoir dry, leading to odor back channeling.

    3, convenient health: contact-free use to avoid cross-infection of bacteria in public toilets, clean and sanitary.

    4, sensitive adjustable: According to different use of the environment to adjust the sensitivity (range).