What is thermostat shower ?

- Oct 26, 2017-

1.What is thermostat shower ?

The thermostat shower is the nickname of the shower's thermostat, also known as constant temperature shower head or constant temperature shower head.In the home, the place that USES cold and hot water mixed bibcock commonly has four: kitchen, lavabo, bath crock, shower room.


Constant temperature faucet by leading own thermostatic valve core, in a very short period of time automatic balance of cold water and hot water pressure, to maintain the stability of the water temperature, without the need for manual adjustment.Constant temperature sprinkles apply to the shower facilities in homes, hotels, public bathrooms, and water pressure, such as barber shops.

2.The use of constant temperature sprinkles

The standard thermostatic spray has a twist on each side of the faucet, and the knob on the left adjusts the water temperature.The screw back, water temperature increases, but turned to 40 ℃ when they twist.This is because when the water temperature is over 40 ℃ to burn the skin, if you need a higher water temperature of hot water, must be the red safety button press on the knobs, can continue to turn back.The knob on the right controls the flow of water and water: it is closed when the scale is aligned;The water in the outlet below is going to be screwed forward.Twist back, the flowers spill out, the more you turn back the water.