Which material of tap faucet is better ?

- Apr 02, 2018-

For now, brass faucets are very good, because brass is not easy to corrode, has a good antibacterial effect, can kill 99% of the bacteria in tap water, even if the tap water bursts, leading to the entry of foreign objects do not have to worry about being affected Bacterial infection; its metal cutting performance is also very good, easy to process, reduce production costs, and its long life; However, some friends may think that the copper faucet contains lead, the lead element is a certain harm to the human body Yes, but here is to tell everyone that in fact, the amount of lead in the copper faucet is far less than the content of lead in the road exhaust, and it is very likely to suffer from blood lead disease when you are on the road for a year, and even if the lead is exceeded The faucet can't do this, and the copper content in the brass faucet is very low, so everyone can use it with confidence.

    In addition to brass faucets, ceramic faucets are better than other materials, they do not rust, they are not oxidized and are worn out, their appearance looks stylish, because its shell is made of ceramic , so it can better match with the bathroom products, so that ceramics look more artistic, bring out the bathroom upscale temperament, but the bad is that the ceramic faucet must be careful when using, otherwise it will be easy to break , And its cost is also higher, so the price of ceramic faucets on the market is expensive.