What's the height of basin will the appropriately

- Sep 15, 2017-

Bathroom decoration need consider everything, many details need to pay attention to the problem. If the height of bathroom washbasin is not installation appropriate, will directly affect the human waist health, then what the height of the toilet wash basin will be appropriately ? Today we will tell you about this issue.

Bathroom washbasin height

The basin installation too high is not convenient to use, too low is easy to make people standing back pain, but also sprinkled. Especially when the wall-mounted basin, consumers must pay attention to the height of the washbasin problem, in general, we have no special requirements for the washbasin height, then the installation to keep the pool or table height from the ground to 80 - 85 cm between.

There are some consumers because of the height of the reasons, the conventional height of the basin is not suitable for their use, you need to make appropriate adjustments to the height of the wash basin, in this case the toilet wash basin height is how much? As long as the principle of attention: the bathroom washbasin to maintain a height of about half the height of the user himself is more appropriate, so that the use of high users is also very comfortable.