What should be careful when choosing bath flower

- Oct 19, 2017-


1. Complete floral sprinkles include three parts, a complete set of sprinkles including sprinkles, sprinkles and hoses. Two of them are configured more, including a overhead shower and a hand shower. Single hand flower asperses the single sprinkle configuration is also quite a few see, the flower asperses of luxuriously configuration asperses besides head flower asperses and hold flower asperse to have one or more sidespray sprinkles, play the role of waist massage. The appearance of the top asperses is round most commonly, still have the square of unique characteristic, handsome and optional star shape, give people the opportunity that gives individuation to choose.

2, the size of the flower is aspersed head is very rich, from the cabinet and delicate 130 mm to 400 mm are exaggerated swagger, choose what size of the flower is aspersed according to the actual area of toilet, little space might as well the compasses, large space will have a big style, appropriate is good. The splash of water is also colorful, natural and comfortable rain, soothing massage, vigorous shooting, champagne foam, water column spray, etc. Shower column tube body material in the majority with full copper, copper alloy, surface with salt rust resistance of chromium, so the color of the flower is aspersed in the majority with chrome color, also have brushed nickel, silver and bright copper surface treatment, such as color, but is relatively common.

3, again see coating, the surface of the flower is aspersed commonly after chrome plating processing, but also is chrome plating, processing difference is very big, all the copper or copper alloy cylinder after grinding, polishing, dust removal, nickel plating, chrome plating process, ensure that will not change in the use of ufa black, bubble fall off. Generally speaking, the naked eye can see that the brighter and more delicate the surface, the better the coating process.


4. A well-designed flower shower ensures that the amount of water allocated by each hole is basically the same. Let the flower is aspersed when choosing tilt of the water, if the top of the water spray hole has an obvious little or none, shows the interior design of flower is aspersed is very general, even with a blaster, injection water a variety of ways, consumers may also get the corresponding comfortable experience. Second shower nozzle, shower used long scale deposition is inevitable, if can't get clear, some spray hole could be blocked, and humanized design of shower shower nozzle is often made from external facilitate clean or nozzle with silicone material, flexible, can be brushed clean dishcloth or hand spray deposition on the scale.

5. Finally check the valve core. Valve core affects the use of the flower is aspersed feeling and service life, good made with high hardness of ceramic valve core, smooth, wearable, eliminate PaoMaoDiLou, when the choose and buy the businessman introduction is on the other hand, consumers themselves must try to twist the switch. If feel bad, this kind of flower asperses don't buy.