Why it is better to choose a Pressurized Shower Head For our family?

- Aug 09, 2017-

Our family use the ordinary shower head, more water, wash a bath table on the turn several laps. And the general shower there is a problem, that is, when the water pressure is low, the water is not smooth. Pressurized shower head and ordinary shower than on, much better, not only can save water, but also solve the problem of low water pressure. Supercharger shower head is a smart flow limit of the shower nozzle, according to the water pressure to adjust the water flow, both to achieve the purpose of adjusting the water pressure, but also water. So that pressurized shower nozzle is useful.

Is the booster shower useful?

Pressurized shower head is water saving.

It is understood that the shower head inside a device, in the hot and cold water into the mixing valve before the supercharger, the shower nozzle to put the air into the use of air pressure, can be in the case of equal flow, the water flow , So that the shower water temperature and water pressure and the amount of water to a large degree of stability, and will not appear hot and cold phenomenon. This is not only achieved the purpose of saving water and energy, and let the people wash very comfortable. The advantage of using a pressurized shower head is that the water is reduced, the energy consumption is reduced, and the water pressure increases.

The working principle of the pressurized sprinkler is as follows: When the water enters the nozzle base, it is pushed into a three-wing accelerator to cause the flow to form a rotation effect to increase the velocity and momentum of the flow and then directly into a restricted canal where the air and Water mixing can increase the oxygen content by 10 times, and then flow out the appropriate pressure of water.

How to pressurize the shower head

Why can the shower nozzle increase the pressure? Originally, in the pressurized shower nozzle at the outlet of the water "pipe" into "line", and then through the air pressure to "line" into "jet", after the air pressure to make the water The power, and reduce the flow of water while increasing the pressure of the water.

The pressurized shower head can easily replace the ordinary filter in the original outlet, and it can also match the standard size faucet.

Pressurized shower head to reduce the general shower head of the original multi-layer wire filter, can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, ruled out the possibility of bacterial breeding, energy saving and efficient at the same time effective maintenance of human health. The plumbing sprinklers on the market are also equipped with special wrenches for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Can SAVE a lot of water

Compared with ordinary shower head, pressurized shower head saving water up to 50%. The air as the driving force to increase the flow rate of water, to avoid the flow and loss of water flow erosion of the shortcomings, to ensure that people use the requirements. The water flow can be adjusted with a good flow rate of 3-5 l / min. Pressurized spray nozzle parts are made of harmless antibacterial material on the human body, durable, do not like the same as the ordinary shower nozzle plus filter screen to reduce the chance of bacterial growth.