China Produces More Than 35% Of The World's Sanitary Ware Products

- Aug 14, 2017-

In the past three decades, the bathroom industry has maintained double-digit growth for a long time, China has also developed into the world's largest sanitary ware producer, exporter and consumer. China's sanitary ware accounted for more than 35% of the world's total, Guangdong Province accounted for nearly 70% of the national output value. In the country, sanitary production enterprises reached more than 20,000, of which there are nearly 8000 in Guangdong Province.


However, with the development of the overall economic situation at home and abroad changes, the bathroom industry is undergoing profound changes. In the industry's rapid development of more than 30 years of dividend era, the domestic bathroom industry market size reached 300 billion yuan level, but still can not achieve a truly national brand called the national business. It can be said that the bathroom industry is experiencing an unprecedented "internal and external difficulties." External, has been faced with such an embarrassing situation:

As the world's largest manufacturer and sales of sanitary products, the domestic first-line high-end bathroom market is almost all occupied by foreign brands. To the German Department, the United States Department, Japan as the representative of the three major international brand bathroom camp, such as Hansgrohe, GROHE, Kohler, TOTO, musicians and other international brands, in the country eroded most of the high-end market. These three mountain pressure to some domestic enterprises and even difficult to breathe.

On the inside, the new economy under the normal environment of the bathroom industry is still unable to adapt to the changing times:

The traditional market model is rapidly changing: the property market environment continues to slump, "full two children" policy suddenly struck, the Internet + meteoric rise, business listing or the collapse of the acquisition of rumors continue ... ... followed by one after another. To the industry trends, in the somewhere indicates that the future of the bathroom has been to upgrade the storm, change is strong, the same is eliminated by the times. Because the market has entered the white-hot full competition, only those who can survive.