Five Details Of A Home Improvement

- Jul 11, 2017-

Omission: Wall cracking

Consulting experts just know, encountered this kind of wall cracking phenomenon in winter decoration is very common, the most critical problem is to catch the duration, did not let putty dry. Due to the decoration period Beijing temperature is very low, the room heating is not configured well, putty scrape up after waiting for natural air-dry at least 3 days, and the general putty to scrape 3 times, just wait for putty dry through 10 days and a half months. No dry putty in the heating will appear cracks, opened the outside of latex paint, resulting in wall cracking phenomenon. Experts reminded that winter decoration can not be robbed for the duration of the violation process, to each process to leave enough time.

Omission II: Toilet water

According to the introduction, the general toilet has two water inlet, one is the bath use, one is the daily leaking. Some home decoration companies in the bathroom to pave the brick without considering the installation of the shower room, the slope when only a water mouth for the gathering. In fact, the shower room inside and outside should be considered as two, preferably in the finished waterproof after the shower room of the bottom of the stone, to the shower room for the boundary, two of the space on the slope water.

Omission three: improper switch position

Experts believe that the company's requirements for water electrician is lax, lack of regulation control, it may lead to such a situation. Some water electrician only two sets of switching system installed on the wall even if finished, for which outside, which, but not to think carefully.

Omission four: Geothermal heat is not warm

Experts believe that the room some warm and some are not warm, the problem precisely out of the home installed companies in laying geothermal "too in accordance with regulations." For the living room and windowless rooms, according to the procedures for heating enough, but for the bedroom with windows, I am afraid to increase the number of electric wire. And that can only reach 14 ℃ bedroom, facing the east window, South has a balcony, but also should add some electric wire, in order to counteract the heat emitted by the ventilation.

Omission five: Power tripping

Experts believe that the home power tripping problem, is simply too small pediatric-not to power shunt! Power into the house after the separation of a few roads, the lights, air-conditioning, water heaters, sockets, etc. with different empty open control, and the empty power is also based on the use of each of the electrical power of the sum to be equipped, which avoids a momentary load too big cause the entire room blackout. Normal home decoration companies are generally qualified electricians, "road guerrillas" will be very difficult to protect.