Four Main Points Of Bathroom Furniture Maintenance

- Jul 11, 2017-

The selection of plates is the key

Box board in the bathroom furniture accounted for a large part, want to choose a good bathroom furniture, the main material can not be sloppy, must be soaked experiment to prove whether it is waterproof and moistureproof good material.

Second, choose a suitable shower room

Shower room is the idea of the separation of wet and dry, people in a separate bath space to work tired, wiped away the trivial troubles of life, relax mood to meet new challenges. As a result, bathing will not cause the toilet water vapor diffuse, a scale. Shower room manufacturers more concentrated in the "Shan a lake", such as Lebouton nano-Jie glass is a strong self-cleaning ability, in addition to the benefit of increasing the service life of toilet facilities, but also greatly reduced your cleaning time.

Third, waterproof aluminum floor with anti-collision bar

General bathroom furniture Use after a period of time, the bottom of the basin under the board began to deformation, the reason is hidden in the cupboard in the water pipe is not valued, along the water pipes down the condensate is not like the dew on the table so noticeable, residue in the bottom of the water constantly soaking furniture.

The use of waterproof aluminum backplane with anti-collision bar, not only to prevent the basin, the faucet dripping condensation water immersion box, and the unique anti-collision bar can eliminate the noise.

Four, multi-function sealing strip

The installation of bathroom cabinets often need to drill holes in the box board, and the condensate water flow down from the edge of the plate to be easily immersed in the box, resulting in damp deformation of the box. Multi-function Edge sealing strip can be tightly wrapped plate cutting edge, play a better waterproof and moistureproof role.