Hangzhou Shut Down Many Sanitary Ware Factories

- Oct 31, 2017-

Guali town, xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, recently, the party's wei yu mountain area have the most severe environmental regulation, just two days, 526 sanitary ware enterprises in 381 "illegal, illegal, illegal enterprises shut down regulation, among them 144 were revoked the industrial and commercial business license at the scene.

On October 27, xiaoshan district, held a special bathroom industry advance will work.During the meeting, the hangzhou municipal committee, secretary of the district party committee ChengYue spring requirements, to grasp the good time node, to have been included in the ban class enterprise, must be made within the given time "sanqing, two stops, a cancellation" work;For companies included in the halt production, must carry on the acceptance in a given time, for fails to apply for acceptance or acceptance is unqualified, resolutely banned it.To adhere to the "to promote the whole" to CaWei gripper, pushing sanitary ware industry renovation work.Shall adhere to the regulation according to law, strengthen the "have-nots enterprise" (workshop) investigation dynamics, to unlicensed unlicensed, no security, no legitimate sites, no environmental protection measures "have-nots enterprise", adopt "zero tolerance" high pressure situation, found a, banned a effectively.To transform and upgrade, speed up the optimization combination of sanitary ware industry, support enterprise merger and reorganization, promote the thorough transformation of the traditional bathroom industry upgrade.

Hangzhou netizen said: enterprise must meet five requirements: 1. Must be legal construction;2. There must be a business license;3. Must conform to the environmental permits;4. Must be fire qualified;5. Must have the duty to pay, be short of one cannot, lack of a shutdown.

Xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, according to the industrial promotion "low, small and scattered" regulation work implementation opinion ", to by optimizing the number of sanitary ware enterprises reorganization, under control in 150.

Xiaoshan sanitary ware industry for a long time, low output, poor efficiency, small scale, scattered distribution, pollution, public opinion not only big, also affected the high quality and highly efficient development of xiaoshan.Xiaoshan mighty DuanWan for sanitary ware industry "low small scattered" improvement of enterprise, in recent 3 years, have closed down and go home to more than 500.This regulation is on the basis of further promoting sanitary ware industry transformation and upgrading of a punch.

In the group of "hetian sanitary ware" yi village, the reporter sees, in front of a concrete wall add caigang watts, will build a simple workshop.Group of yi village, a village officials told reporters: "the company belongs to the neo-treasure hill, because the smell is too heavy, many were nearby residents complaints.Yesterday, after the rectification notice is invalid by the rectification of sanitary ware industry team on the spot with water and electricity and notify the enterprise cancellation, head of the industrial and commercial business license, shutting down enterprises."At noon, large crane, part of the roof has been cut, nearby residents applaud.

Located in party hill industrial park of "the waves" wei yu, annual output value of more than 3000 ten thousand yuan.On the same day, the factory workers are busy rectification is not standard spray gun operation room.Enterprise director said: "I didn't think the acceptance standard so strict!We will take the time rectification, to meet the environmental requirements as soon as possible."

According to July of this year "xiaoshan district industrial promotion work implementation opinion" low small scattered "regulation", three years will be on 12 industry regulation, shut down more than 1000 polluting enterprises and workshop."First regulation of sanitary ware industry, in addition to the unqualified enterprises shut down regulation, to optimize the other companies will retain more than 100 enterprises, finally unified into the new small micro enterprise garden, promote its development to intensive, large-scale, intelligent direction."