How To Replace The Toilet Cover ?

- Sep 18, 2017-

After a long period of using, the toilet will always be a lot of problems. In daily life, we often meet the toilet cover broken , then it is necessary to change a new one, how to replace the toilet cover ? We'll help to introduce the three ways to replace the toilet cover.

Replace the toilet cover only the toilet rear of the fixed bolt can be removed to replace the installation of the opposite direction can be. Most of the toilet cover is regardless of size, the installation of two bolts on the line. But also need a good size, screw hole distance, toilet cover width and length, and then buy a new toilet cover to replace.


Find the screw cap, with the live hand to unload, and then put on a new line on the line. General screw cap position is not easy to find, some in the Ming, some in the dark. In the dark of the screw cap, in the toilet by the side of the tank, open the lid. Hand into it, up, to the direction of the tank to touch the past, should be able to touch, see is invisible.


Different styles of toilet cover is also installed, under normal circumstances is the bottom of the toilet seat attached to the toilet that is behind the screw with the screw, as long as the hand stretched out to find the two sides of the screw unscrewed the whole lid can take Down, very simple, you can try.

The toilet can not be changed, in order to ensure that we can use the toilet very good, it is necessary to innovate the bad toilet, but if just a toilet cover is broken, we need not to replace the whole, so master the toilet lid replacement method is very important.