How To Choose A Toilet And Wash Basin ?

- Aug 10, 2017-

Toilet type

Separate toilet, Siamese toilet, wall-mounted toilet, according to the different space and the location of the water to choose.


▼ how to choose a toilet?

1. to see the toilet itself is enough gloss, the more glossy the better;

2. This need to determine the location of the bathroom according to the water;

3. Not the water tank is smaller and more water-saving, and some water tank is not small, but the water line is low, flushing performance is very good, the same water-saving. The general water tank is 6 liters of flushing, 3/6 liters of the two stalls effect is good;

4. Check whether the water structure is compact, sensitive and reliable;

wash basin type

1. Stainless steel basin:

Advantages: easy to clean, high strength, suitable for public places

Disadvantages: modeling relatively single, not easy with the bathroom cabinet

2. porcelain basin:

Advantages: economical and durable, easy to clean, suitable for the public

Disadvantages: color, shape change less, mainly to white color system

3. Marble basin:

Advantages: beautiful texture, wear-resistant acid and high temperature, scratch

Disadvantages: lack of flexibility, cracks difficult to repair

4. Glass basin:

Advantages: color selection, environmental protection without radiation

Disadvantages: high temperature and impact resistance is poor, tempered glass basin slightly better than ordinary glass basin


how to choose the wash basin?

1. Look at the instructions, if it is glazed wash basin, the lower the water absorption, the better the quality.

2. Look at the number of faucets, most of the porcelain basin reserved for a single hole for the use of mixed faucet, buy a basin when the supplier can ask the hole, if their openings, it is possible to destroy the entire wash basin.

3. High-quality wash basin glaze smooth, no eye, lack of glaze and other phenomena, with a hard object percussion sound crisp.

4. In order to ensure that they buy the wash basin after the quality of businessmen in time to repair, it is best to save the invoices of store .