How To Deal With The Broken Of The Buttons On The Toilet ?

- Oct 19, 2017-

There are usually two buttons on the toilet, it can flush water when you push one of them . The two buttons are different, the big one is 6 litres at a time, to flush shits, small one 3 litres, to flush urination.When the buttons are broken. How can we fix it ?

What's wrong with the toilet button ?

The solutions to deal with the toilet button's broken :

1.If there is not enough water pressure, open the lid of the tank to adjust between the button and the water valve in the cabinet of the root of the length of the rope, use for a long time will rust or loose, suggest you buy a new tie or replace with other strong points of the rope, to replace the adjustments for the length of the rope to try a few times more, can find a smooth down the position is ok.

2. Also, the two-stage type of water washer is installed, and the two-stage handle is installed. The combination of the top and small levers is combined with the large and small water tank.In this length, the bead chain is fixed to the big, small two bars, and finally the water source is completed.When water is used, the water can be removed from the hand.The small amount of water is pressed down for 2 seconds before leaving the hand.

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