How To Handle With The Shower Hose Leakage.

- Aug 24, 2017-

Showerheads are often pulled  very susceptible to damage. Once the shower hose leaks and other issues, we need to find out the reasons in time and be replaced. We are going to talk about how to handle with the shower hose leakage.


The reason why the hose hose leaks:

1, the possible reasons: improper installation, the United States home decoration network, free design budget quote. Rubber ring deformation, the water pipe joints are not flat or too thin, the hose does not match the shower. Maintenance method: according to specifications to select the appropriate hose and shower, and replace the rubber ring, re-install.

2, Possible reasons: hose rupture. Maintenance method: replace a new hose on it.

3, possible reasons: improper adjustment, foreign matter and more. Maintenance method: the shower nozzle rotation adjustment. If not yet, put the shower head in the middle of a small round with a small flat mouth screwdriver open, with a plum screwdriver to screw down the screw, open the shower with water rinse with a toothbrush brush hole, and then install the restore can be.

Choose the right shower hose:

Shower hose various metal hose, braided tube, PVC reinforced tube. Different materials have written differences, specifically what is no good answer. In the hardware store to buy no time can be compared to several materials, the key surface roughness, uniform gap, feel smooth, natural start, solid structure, strong anti-destructive. In addition the size of the shower hose specifications and shower to meet the general size of the outer diameter of 14mm, 16mm, 17mm and 18mm. You can put the old hose to buy a new hose, so do comparison.

How to replace the shower hose:

First of all to replace the old hose, with the hand of the flower hose from the shower at both ends and tap down on it. And then put on a new shower hose, a screw in the shower at the other end twist in the faucet, have screwed on it. But to use some effort, generally by men do, girls in the next to help refueling, wipe it.

Shower hose usage problem

The connection between the shower hose and the inlet pipe is connected to the valve body by a screw cap hose and fixed. The problem is that the screw cap is gradually loosened, rusted or even falling off with the passage of time. The bigger problem is that you are in the bath, the hose is the most frequent, and the range is often very large, will cause the metal hose and screw cap where the break occurred. Moreover, the other end of the hose in the same way connected to the shower head, if the owner of improper operation, such as excessive force, is equally easy to break. We have never seen a metal hose in the middle of the first break and the two are very good situation, is not it ah For this point many users have not yet noticed, and the lack of maintenance knowledge in this area.


How to maintain the shower hose

Here we should already understand how the shower hose how to maintain, and here for a few points for your reference: First of all, we usually in the shower should make the metal hose to maintain a natural stretch state, with a good shower nozzle Inserted on the shelf, do not put the metal hose around the shower faucet. Second, usually in the pull hose to prevent the hose and the valve body joints do not form a knot, be sure to carefully look at, pull the hose when the force to be lighter, so you can avoid the metal hose was broken or the hose Cause damage.