It Is Better To Buy Sanitary Ware As Soon As Possible

- Sep 27, 2017-

Recently many channels of distribution price circulars to sanitary ware manufacturers, said the daily receives notice prices of different suppliers, the original payment days are converted to cash purchase, are under pressure on the cost of raw materials, to maintain brand revenue balance, channels again forced to raise product prices, many vendors said the play of the customer on September 15 to perform at full price, then make customers a full range of product in accordance with the price rise in price after consumers friend in this remind you, don't buy price more.
Price increase letter popping up that defend bath

Price in guangdong area, most recently since the national regional dealer feedback to the platform, many manufacturers recently constantly sending the notice of price increases, the reason is only one "raw materials suppliers to raise prices", to improve the channel price, at the distributor.

Before phase of cash and money, and now manufacturers must cash purchase, previous supplier, today announced the collapse, carton is a small cost, now need to be included in the cost of large, streets, past suppliers now frequently fail sound continuously, the manufacturer's operating costs more and more big, artificial price increases employment difficult, raw material rises in price in cash, entry barriers gradually increase, intellectual property rights and so on cost, price is helpless for the manufacturer.

More regional city sanitary ware agent feedback, continuous growth since last year the price of raw materials, pricing has received eight consecutive letter and 5% ~ 10% mark-up according to different category for the first time, the second 3% ~ 5%, 5% ~ 10% for the third time, the last time price increases 5% ~ 10%, price increase in a row, manufacturers of inflation, distributor and retail prices, finally to the consumers.
Since November 2016, the price of events has been praised by the industry media attention, the sound said prices will have the chance to back, and now almost entire network media in reporting on price rise is not easy to drop.

Each voice, raw material prices increase sanitary ware, as the state advocates the upgrading of consumer goods and environmental protection strict management, quality brand, growth of the price of raw materials, labor costs increase, decorate cost growth.
Experts in various media articles, said prices of consumer goods has become a foregone conclusion, cause many sarcasm and comments at that time, and now the sound disappear, as prices only grow to verify the experts, a variety of factors results tell us that to get the big shower room, bathroom cabinet, toilet sanitary ware products, or early as possible, otherwise will continue to rise in price.

Bathroom continue to rise in price, it is better to buy bathroom hurry
Feedback around September 15, sanitary ware industry represent the full price, shower room was 5% ~ 8%, the toilet was 3% ~ 10%, the bathroom ark up 7% ~ 7%, and even the faucet is going up in price does not buy more up!Shower room, for example, the vendor scale increases, growth, not only affect the offline store retail price is rising in price on the attachment.
Have dealers have complained that price increases, price increases, price increase every day, but insufficient market demand is growing every day, consumer trends in products, major brands are launched the high-end product, in the high-end product is the main trend in the market at present, after 8090 the mainstream consumer groups, low price is not the group's first choice.
All wei yu, industry experts said the current trend, including raw material prices, labor costs rise, industry growth, consumer products in the high-end, the initial threshold packaging costs, freight costs, etc., the future market prices will only increase will not reduce the price