Main Points Of Floor Drain Purchase And Installation

- Jul 11, 2017-

1, anti-return flavor is the most important, early years of the anti-stink floor drain are water seals, that is, there will be some water on the floor drain to seal the stench, the leak seal height to reach 50mm, to achieve better results. However, because the stored water will breed bacteria mosquitoes, water leakage has gradually been replaced by new magnetic, gravity floor drain.

2, the water speed is also a very important floor drain, floor drain should be less than 10mm, drainage flow can not be too small, or easy to cause obstruction.

3, of course, the floor drain also has to prevent corrosion, the general choice of the best copper, stainless steel is also very good.

4, the toilet is inevitably mixed with hair and so on, so the floor drain also choose to prevent blockage, and floor drain should be smooth around, so as not to hang dirty.

5, floor drain grates aperture should be controlled between 6~8mm, so as to effectively prevent dirt into floor drain.