Main Points Of Shower Room Selection

- Jul 11, 2017-

1. Do not covet cheap prices. Be sure to buy products marked with detailed production name, site and product certificate.

2. Color patterns should be consistent with the bathroom decoration style. The shape of the shower room is generally symmetrical, and the bathroom is also large. Most consumers prefer a patterned translucent shower room, product itself decorative strong, to the enjoyment of the United States; But there are also some elderly or traditional type of people, fancy cloth-style shower room, appearance like cloth, more monotonous, but opaque, the biggest advantage is that the family can use the bathroom while bathing

3. Distinguish the material. The main material of the shower room is tempered glass, the quality of tempered glass is bigger, the counterfeit tempered glass has a great safety hidden trouble, the authentic tempered glass looks vaguely. The skeleton of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy, the surface is sprayed with plastic, not rot and rust. The main frame aluminum alloy thickness is best in 1.1 mm, the door is not easily deformed. Also pay attention to check whether the ball bearings are flexible, door opening is convenient and lightweight, the frame combination of stainless steel screw.

4. Chassis selection. The shower room is divided into two kinds, the high basin and the lower basin. With a cylinder type can sit, suitable for the elderly or children of the family, but also a cylinder more use, laundry, water, etc., the inadequacy is to engage in health problems. In contrast, the lower basin is simple and the price is lower than the basin. In addition, the consumer should choose the side plate removable chassis, in order to clean, to prevent odor.

5. Choice of steam shower room. You should pay attention to the steam engine and computer control board when buying a shower room with steam function. The core of this steam function is the steam engine, if the steam engine does not pass, how long it will be bad. In addition, the computer control Board is also the core part of the shower room. Because the shower room all function keys are on the computer board, once the computer board problem, the whole shower room can not be enabled, so in the purchase must ask the Steam engine and computer board warranty time.

6. Compared with the whole shower room, simple shower room No "roof", the style is rich, its basic structure is chassis plus fence, chassis texture has ceramic, acrylic, man-made stone, etc., the fence has plastic or tempered glass door, tempered glass door has ordinary tempered glass, water corrugated tempered glass and cloth grain tempered glass and other materials.