Sanitary Ware Installation Precautions

- Aug 25, 2017-

Sanitary ware is one of the most frequent household products we use daily. Only good quality + good installation to reflect the good value. Boughtthe satisfied bathroom sanitary ware, but how to install perfectly ? We need to think of this problem.

Installation is the main job of workers ,here we mainly talk about how the workers operate normly.

A toilet

1. With water tank and conjoined toilet with its back of the water tank should not be more than 20mm;

2. Flush tank overflow pipe height should be lower than the wrench hole 30 ~ 40mm, to prevent the water valve damage when the water overflow from the wrench hole.

Second, wash basin

1. Bath installed on the plane must be checked with the level of leveling, not sideways

2. Wash basin and drainage pipe should be firmly connected, and easy to disassemble, the connection shall not be exposed. Wash basin and wall contact with the application of silicon paste caulking.

Three, shower

1, In general, shower head and faucet are supporting the use of installation, leading from the ground 70-80 cm, sliding bar height of 1.1 meters, faucet and sliding bar connector length of 10-20 cm, the distance from the ground Height of 2.1-2.2 m, consumers should take full account of the size of the bathroom space.

2, cold, hot water supply pipe do not install anti. Under normal circumstances, the face of the left side of the hot water supply pipe, the right side of the cold water supply pipe. Except for special signs. After installation, remove the bubbler, shower and other easy to plug accessories, so that water out, the impurities completely removed, and then loaded back.

Acceptance notice

1, the toilet is too close to the glass door

Due to the sanitary ware to be placed too much, the distance between the toilet and the glass partition door is too narrow, can only put down a foot, may affect the comfort of the toilet.

2, the measurement is not good goods board

The toilet water pipe diameter is 11 cm, 33 cm from the wall, due to rough when the test has not posted the floor tiles, the results and paving after the inconsistency, resulting in delivery and the actual does not match.

3, hot and cold water outlet is not in place

Bath faucet hot and cold water outlet in the transformation of water and electricity, not installed, resulting in the installation of S tube, the screw and the faucet can not be fully fit, part of the pipe exposed, not beautiful, but does not affect the use.