Shower Room Industry Development Key Factor

- Aug 03, 2017-

With the shower room in the domestic market continues to spread, its security has become the focus of attention of many consumers, according to reliable market analysis, shower room products to an average of 20% - 25% of the rate of increase, and in the Class real estate development projects and star hotels, hotel bathroom facilities refined decoration, shower room products will account for more than 80%, in fact, become the protagonist of the bathroom.


Manufacture of shower room glass in several categories, ordinary glass, that is, non-tempered glass. Ordinary glass with brittle, fragile, poor permeability, there are miscellaneous points, weak compressive strength of the shortcomings, once the glass broken, the glass fragment area large and sharp, direct contact with the human body caused great harm, there is a big Of the security risks.

As the tempered glass can not get rid of the drawbacks, which contributed to the demand for safer glass shower room, the emergence of plastic glass shower room, so that people on the safety of the shower room has a new understanding. The laminated glass is so far considered to be the safest glass for making the shower room. The impact resistance and compressive strength of the laminated glass are 5 times that of the tempered glass. Even after the glass is broken, the pieces of the monolithic or double-piece glass are tightly adhered to the pvb film in the laminated safety glass. In situ, broken glass surface remains clean and smooth, will not move, but will not fall off the ground, will not cause harm to people or the surrounding objects.

Shower room development to the 21st century, the market generally use tempered glass, to bring people a more secure shower room products. Toughened glass has a strong impact strength, high and low temperature resistance, up to five times the normal glass compressive strength, in the ordinary people under normal collision will not break, the safety of people generally recognized. But the tempered glass in the absence of direct mechanical external force is still possible under the automatic burst, is the consumer worried about the tempered glass blew. Blew is one of the inherent characteristics of tempered glass, although the proportion of only 3/1000 the following, but even if the use of high-quality tempered glass, theoretically can not rule out the possibility of blew, the user caused some security risks.微信图片_20170731094720.jpg

Today, the national standard requires the use of tempered glass glass, its high purity, high safety factor, the national standard requirements of the debris state is 6 ~ 10 mm thickness of the tempered glass per 50 × 50 mm area of the safety of broken pieces to reach more than 40. Which also exposed from the glass itself as a characteristic of the drawbacks, because for various reasons, once the tempered glass rupture, the glass fragments will still threaten the safety of the human body. Of course, fortified glass is still safe glass range, in line with China and other developed countries use the requirements.

Safety is no small matter, look at today's shower room industry trends, the safety of the product has become one of the primary consideration for consumers to buy, the enterprise only really stand in the consumer's point of view, back to the nature of people, in the The future trend of the shower industry in order to steadily move forward, getting stronger and stronger!