Six Coups Of Bathroom Maintenance !

- Aug 17, 2017-

1, tile anti-fouling anti-mildew measures

The walls of the bathroom are covered with tiles, and in order to keep it clean and bright, you can use the multi-purpose cleaning paste to clean. As for the tile gap, you can first use a toothbrush dipped in a little deodorant cream, and then at the gap with a brush brush can be a waterproof agent. This can not only seepage, but also anti-mold growth.

2, leading the perfect unloading

The faucets are often stained with a variety of shower gel, shampoo, detergent and so on, these washing products will make the chrome-plated surface becomes luster. You can take a neutral detergent sprayed on the soft cloth and then gently wipe the faucet once a week. Do not use the acid or abrasive cleaning agent, wire brush to "torture" the faucet.

3, to create elegant fragrance

There are many varieties of air fresheners on the market, you can choose according to their own preferences. Imagine, when the guests in the elegant fragrance in the use of bathroom equipment, ears also came a long time music, the mood will be how comfortable. In addition, the easiest way to purify the bathroom air is: a cup of balsamic vinegar or a box of open the lid of the cool oil in the bathroom, the smell will naturally disappear.

4, to the toilet to do whitening mask

First put the right amount of water in the toilet, take the toilet brush wash again, and then pour about 5-10 ml of detergent or hydrochloric acid solution, with a brush even after the brushing, such as dirt heavier, can pour a little cleaner Soaked after soaking, until clean, then rinse with water can be clean.

5, clever way to wipe the glass

Smooth mirror and windows will be due to long-term contact with the water and watermark, become blurred. You can spray a glass cleaner on a whole piece of glass on a large X-shaped spray, and then wring the wipes folded, wiping a circle in one direction, until the glass seven dry, and then dry cloth Rub it again. Can also be used to rub old paper, paper ink can make the glass bright as ever, you can also stubborn dirt wipe away.

6, ceramic bright as new

There is also a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean the bathroom, that is, with white vinegar and lemon peel. First clean the surface of the sanitary ware, and then a little soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe with lemon peel, just a moment, sanitary ware will be bright as new, but also exudes fragrance yet.

Sanitary ware maintenance

Bathroom toiletries use more frequently, if the maintenance is not easy to aging, today Xiaobian finishing some bathroom sanitary ware maintenance of small knowledge, to help you do sanitary ware maintenance work.

1, in order to ensure the accurate construction of the toilet installation, please try to use glass glue seal, such as cement mortar, the mortar ratio should not be greater than 3: 1, to prevent because of excessive force and brakes toilet.

2, do not rush into the sanitary ware newsprint, paper pads, sanitary napkins and other items easily blocked.

3, accidentally fall into the toilet inside the debris should be promptly pulled out, blocked immediately with the skin to attract gas exclusion.

4, can not take hard appliances or rough fabric and ceramic products contact, not beating, impact.

5, on time with a detergent to clean the attached dirt, cleaning can not afford, with a brush to clear, keep its surface clean.

6, can not be used and stored in the water below zero degrees Celsius.

7, computer bath room: the most important thing is to prevent its leakage, check the circuit is insulated on time.

8, inside the bathtub, can not be placed extra things. (Towels, silk, etc.).

9, in order to avoid injury to the bathtub and piping, do not use sulfur, acid and alkali bath gel or organic solvents.

10, bathroom countertops corner of the water to be wiped with a dry cloth in a timely manner.