Summary Of Related Knowledge Of Nanometer Zhi Jie Glass

- Jul 11, 2017-

Nano-Jie technology in the shower room has been widely used in the field, so that the shower room has a super self-cleaning ability, greatly saving the consumer cleaning time.

According to the relevant staff, water and nano-titanium dioxide film Super affinity, super affinity far greater than the general dust and dirt and glass affinity, thus, the formation of a very homogeneous, uniform water film will be the surface of the glass dust, dirt floating, with the gravity of the film quickly slide down the glass, at the same time, take away the glass surface dust and most of the dirt, glass surface does not leave water marks, glass surface clean such as new, self-cleaning ability

At the same time, nano-intelligent clean glass membrane contains a photocatalyst-like nano-materials, it can absorb a certain wavelength of light, producing free electrons and holes, causes the surface of the coating film to absorb adsorption the pollutant to take place to remove and kill the surface bacterium, achieves the self-cleaning goal, already has the research to show that the airborne organic matter and the nitrogen nitride material and so on the harmful pollution Molecule removal, the general indoor light can start the self-cleaning function.

In the original completely toughened Glass Foundation, take the lead to adopt the international advanced nanometer Wisdom clean technology, and unifies the novel outward appearance design, has introduced many benefits the general consumer's shower room series product.