The Function Of The Shower Room

- Jul 11, 2017-

1. Dry-Wet distinguishing function

Home decoration increasingly high-end luxury at the same time to the bathroom also requires to distinguish between dry areas and wet areas, in the wet zone to complete the shower, do not affect the function of the dry zone, not every time after the shower is followed by cleaning the floor. Lebouton shower room watertight strong, to avoid the leakage of dirty water, to ensure that the entire room hurriedly, extended high-end decoration and bathroom home life. More is the human nature design towel pole and clean clothes storage of the open boutique, shower finished let you tired, clean and dry directly into the room, shower finished never "muddy."

2. Warm and safe function

Because of the daily life of gas or natural gas water heaters, its safety requires good ventilation in the shower. The simple shower room can be installed in the shower roof of the bath PA Lamp, to achieve in the case of good ventilation to ensure the warmth of the shower process function. At the same time, the shower room using a very strong resistance to hot and cold tempered glass, thus ensuring the product's own quality and safety, and easy to clean, healthy and refreshing.

3. Health function

Competitive society, noisy cities, busy people, after a day of tight work, can have a private space for the weary body and mind to provide a complete relaxation environment, with multi-functional shower, hot and cold alternately stimulate the body function release work pressure, the water intermittent high-speed impact and ease shower alternating stimulation, to achieve capillary expansion and contraction, physical fitness, to eliminate the effect of fatigue, feel comfortable and warm home.