The United States Is Largest Sanitary Ware Products Export Market Of China

- Aug 04, 2017-

With the bathroom industry, the domestic market is highly competitive, relatively redundant production capacity, appropriate change strategy, "going out" on the rich supply of Chinese sanitary industry, is a good choice. At present, China has become the world's largest production capacity of sanitary products, a variety of dazzling array of sanitary products began to export a large number to the international market, and the growth momentum continues to be optimistic, the situation is very gratifying.

According to 2016-2021 China's bathroom industry market demand and investment advisory report statistics, experienced the winter of 2015, the first half of 2016 China's sanitary ware imports and exports totaled 8.19 billion US dollars, the same period totaled 7.31 billion US dollars, an increase of 12.1%. Bathroom products in the import and export of hardware products accounted for 13.3%.

In addition, after the International Sanitary Ware Expo to obtain a new sample of sanitary products, as well as the current development trend of sanitary products analysis and research.

The report said that the next few years, facing the international market changes in the new demand, the development of the bathroom industry will show the following trends:

1, variety diversity

At present, the concept of sanitary ware products, has far exceeded the traditional concept of the past. As a modern luxury life of the landmark supplies, it entered all aspects of people's lives. That is not only has a health and cleaning function, but also should include health care functions, enjoy the function and entertainment functions. In the use of functional areas, only sanitary ware products, there have been washed, silent, ramps, straight, siphon, jet and so on. Sanitary ware products modeling appeared Siamese, with the basin series, Siamese-style toilet, bidet, squatting device, urinal, mop basin, column or desktop washing machine. In recent years, sanitary ware products also introduced a leisurely bath, counter basin, steam room and other functions of a series of ancillary products. Therefore, the future, sanitary ware market will show a variety of diversification of the development trend is self-evident.

2, the construction of a perfect manufacturing base

Now, the international production of sanitary ware developed countries, due to the current new features of sanitary ware products increased and rich, its production chain has been involved in a large number of accessories production.

Therefore, a mature sanitary ware industry, should get more varieties of accessories with the ability to support additional products. The production of raw materials, glazes, colorants, models, machining, instrumentation, instrumentation, copper work, and packaging and decorating materials, which are closely linked to many sanitary ware production systems, should be included in the entire production system as soon as possible. Therefore, China's sanitary ware production industry, very urgent need to form a complete, and sanitary ceramics production-related industry groups and supporting groups, forming a terminal with the finished product fit a variety of related products processing base.

3, the comprehensive function of the product more prominent

In accordance with the international market, consumers shopping psychology, a good sanitary ware products, must be able to meet the modern way of life, to have a more complete function. Such as to meet the use of functions, but also need to address water saving, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, health care, anti-aging, induction intelligence and many other features, with a clear cycle and strong green consumption concept. This requires a new generation of products, must be able to make full use of biotechnology, electronic technology, induction technology and other integrated high-tech achievements, the new features of the combination of matching to improve the comprehensive function of sanitary ceramics products and physical quality.

4, rich in strong decorative colors

In the past, people use the sanitary ware products, often decorated with white glaze, to show its appearance of white jade. But the color of the cold tune but many people feel uncomfortable. Now, it is generally accepted that a variety of opaque white glaze-based, attached to other colors and tones of the product appearance. Sanitary ware enterprises should use a variety of glazes with each other to create a variety of popular new decorative colors. Sanitary ware products change the rhythm, just as the world's largest international fashion show every year to promote popular colors, as always in color to show the popularity of the new trend of popular visual function.

With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic perspective and the rapid changes in domestic and international market demand, we must speed up the development of a new generation of glaze decorative varieties, to enhance the product's new color decoration.

In short, sanitary ware enterprises must continue to enhance the technological content of export products, continue to improve the grade of export products and added value. And constantly develop a new generation of new high-end products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, is conducive to the product into the international high-end market.