UNIT BATHROOM Will Be Explosive Increasing

- Aug 02, 2017-

When the housing industry and the rise of assembly-style buildings, bathroom market and fight the "whole" wind. Enterprises are also from the fight a single product, to fight the whole transformation. As an important part of the interior, the bathroom market is expected to open the bathroom in the form of industrial road. Compared with the traditional bathroom, the whole bathroom in the decoration cycle, environmental protection, cost and other areas have a more obvious advantages, with the industrialization of housing and consumer awareness of the concept of change, the bathroom industry will usher in explosive growth.


Bathroom, is the world's most frequently used, people are concerned about the very high degree of home improvement products, and even the Japanese writer "Kawudumi tail" also specifically wrote a "peep toilet", illustrations of the taste of celebrity home toilet and bathroom products , And to the characteristics of this key place to judge the quality of family life. With the continuous improvement of people's needs, the industry has emerged a number of "for the demon," a single product, such as singing smart toilet, with the water temperature changes in the shower, sensor faucet ... ... technological progress, so that bathroom Products from the "energy-saving" to the intelligent, all the way to open up the reverie.

The whole bathroom: 50 years hatch out of the new industry

In 1938, Richard Buckminster Fuller, the earliest inventor of the whole bathroom, invented an iron-made bathroom based on the idea of factory production.


In 1964, the Japanese government commissioned the then "Hitachi Productions" and "Oriental pottery", in Richard Buckminster Fuller invented the product on the basis of the new development of the use of FRP material production of the overall bathroom, In the Tokyo Olympic Games began to be applied, since then, opened UnitBathroom era. After 50 years of development, the overall bathroom in Japan, the application of more than 90%. The use of industrial whole bathroom can reduce the renovation of garbage by 90%, 70% increase in construction efficiency, material savings of 30%. This is also the overall bathroom in the Chinese market gradually get favored reasons.

The whole bathroom with integrated waterproof chassis, siding, roof composition of the overall framework, coupled with a variety of functional sanitary ware to form an independent health unit. With shower, bath, wash, drowning four functions or any combination of these functions, in a limited space to achieve the best overall effect. Cultivate the overall bathroom market, not only to meet the green consumption of the new trend, but also to promote enterprises from the product manufacturing enterprises to the overall solution provider transformation of the source power.