Water Conservation And Environmental Protection Reform The Road Of Sustainable Development Of Sanitary Ware Must Be

- Oct 15, 2017-

This year the industry that defend bath industry about water conservation, environmental protection rectification is numerous. Especially the proximal time, each big media and production of ceramic sanitary ware enterprises appear on environmental improvement, municipal national water conservation action news emerge in endlessly, the pursuit of environmental protection, the sustainable development of water saving become the present ceramic sanitary ware industry must be carried out on a road to development. On September 28, issued by the national water saving plan of action, the domestic various provinces and cities to open the road to a water-saving, but said it will with the Beijing municipal bureau of comprehensive promotion in 16 counties efficient water-saving water equipment, Beijing in September to continue free for citizens to change water saving life appliance, all visible water conservation action.

The nationwide water-saving action plan has officially launched the penetration rate of the water-saving devices in anhui liu’an

According to the latest news, there are clear actions in Beijing, li yuan and elsewhere. In particular anhui, the current water-saving device has reached the penetration rate of 100%, which is arguably the fastest area for water conservation. Create national water-saving cities, cooking dishes successively carried out within the scope of the appropriate water appliances twice census, the quality control department for industry and commerce in the city within the scope of all 189 water electrical appliances sale website for special inspection, it is strictly prohibited to sell water appliances, and successively three community including faucet, sit implement, shower implement water-saving appliances, such as the recommended list. At present, water-saving devices have been popularized in public places such as schools and hospitals, and the family "water-saving transformation" has begun to take shape.

Beijing will continue to install water-saving devices for free in September after the national water-saving action plan is released. Each housing limit is limited to 1 set, and each government subsidy is 200 yuan. After installing water-saving appliances, every family can save a large sum of money every year.

Zero tolerance for environmental violations

Environment is the most basic condition of life. If the environment is bad, it is not good for mankind. Industry development, let industrial brand go to the world? When it comes to environment, have to say that ceramic sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary ware industry three tenors, high pollution, high energy consumption, high emission industries, environmental policy, environmental regulation, be the industry of ceramic sanitary ware industry bear the brunt. This year in environmental protection big rectification, because environmental law problem discontinued ceramic bath enterprise is not a few. Recently, there was an environmental inspection team to check the production area of the enterprise.

Late on September 9th, zibo municipal party committee propaganda minister BiRongQing leading environmental protection, public security department, life YeZha team source ceramics co., LTD., co., LTD., shandong zibo national Asian ceramics co., LTD., co., LTD., shandong geng YeZha group of companies, such as porcelain factory environmental protection at the scene, BiRongQing also said that it is necessary to implement environmental violations, "zero tolerance" to combat the illegal behaviour of environment, environmental pollution for the sustainable development of the industry YanZhi.

The use of water-saving devices and the update of environmental protection are all for the sustainable development of society. Environmental problems, in particular, is the ceramic sanitary ware enterprise can't ignore, need to attach great importance to a problem, no environmental sustainable development, and hope the ceramic sanitary ware enterprises strict environmental protection, strengthen the responsibility consciousness, to ensure the normal operation of environment protection facilities factory and pollutants can be stable emission standards. Only the enterprises and the government and the people have common common ground, the road of sustainable development can go further and better!