What Cause The Hand Shower Leakage , How To Solve It

- Nov 05, 2020-

What cause the hand shower leakage and how to solve these problems .


In order to purse comfortable bath, relax the body after one day hardworking .Nowadays , the most of     people would set up an independent shower room in bathroom . There is necessary part of hand shower in shower room . it would appear to leakage or block problem after long time use .although it seem very little thing ,it cause wastage of water source and water go everything on bathroom that would be easily sipped .What cause hand shower leakage ,how to solve it.Pls take a look below ,may would help you .



1.  Blocked hand shower

The nozzle outlet would be smaller after long time use , the mainly reason is water quality problem . Owning to the large of alkaline in water , limescale would be deposited in the outlet hole that would block nozzle or cause water drop .  

2.  The hand shower chrome finish

As all we know ,the coating film off is very ugly ,especially buy it soon after appear to situation . It would extremely effect on  outlook, in addition, the poor hand shower would blockage cause from the coating film off .

When you select hand shower , you need to check surface ,the chrome finish whether enough smooth when you touch it . If you feel it rough ,then it would maybe secondary process  


3.  Quality problem

Material would be effect on hand shower longevity to some extent .Such as plastic ,it would be added some waste material .Organic glass ABS material quality is ok ,but the iron material is not recommended ,it would be easy rust ,not only effect on appearance ,but also cause nozzle blockage . It should better select brass material hand shower



How to solve these problems

1.       You should wash and clean nozzle when hand shower blockage, it suggest nozzle would be washed and clean in regular time ,commonly it would be cleaned in very three months .When some nozzle has been blocked ,then another nozzle pressure would enlarge ,maybe sometime is would be very dangerous .

You could make use of small object which is easy get from your side ,such as needle. You could insert needle into nozzle outlet to get limescale off inwall, then put water into hand shower from inlet hole, shake it and pour out water


2.       The leakage from the connection of hand shower handle and shower hose , you could unscrew hand shower and shower hose , and double check shower hose rubber gasket . If the gasket is loss or broken, you must buy new one to replace it . Sometime you may find that the gasket is fine ,but it still leak , maybe you could add one more gasket(washer) into it .


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