What Is The Principle Of Flush Toilet ?

- Sep 25, 2017-

The toilet is one of the main equipment in the bathroom, but some failures will bring a lot of inconvenience to life, so if you can understand the principle of flushing toilet, even if there are some fault we can repair it ourself, and today we'll study together What is the principle of the flushing toilet .

The principle of flush toilet - understand the basic components

The main part of the toilet is composed of water inlet pipe, water outlet pipe, water seepage pipe and water plug, float, etc. We need to be able to understand the specific use of different combinations of parts and the role of various parts in the work of the time, Move the water button, the knob through the lever will be the water plug will pull up.

The principle of flush toilet - float down

The toilet will be discharged after the water out of the water plug will be further falling, and then blocked the outlet, then floating will fall along with a lot of time we found that the toilet has been falling into the water is often the float is not falling, this time its hand down You can, the float will drive the lever will be able to pull the plug, and then be able to normal flushing.

The principle of flush toilet - design of seepage pipe

The setting of the seepage pipe needs to be able to implement the details. When the water surface rises to the seepage nozzle, the water will flow from the seepage pipe into the toilet, and it will not make the water over the water. Therefore, the normal operation of the water inlet is also very important , The water in the tank will not diffuse into the water pipe, so do not worry about water will flow or toilet leakage.

The principle of flush toilet - bucket handle design

The daily use of the time we need to handle the bucket handle up, this time the bar will affect the rope, which can let the rope in the pull up, you can drive the bottom of the tank or rubber stopper, if the flush valve water Smooth, you can let the water in the tank rushed to the bottom of the tank, then the float will drop to a fixed position.

The principle of flush toilet - consider different products

The toilet is now a lot of improvements, including product technology updates, etc., the market is selling a better toilet with siphon toilet, etc. The basic principles of such toilet products are straight and siphon, such toilet design flush noise Small, and the momentum is very large, so many of the toilet are taken to take the majority of siphon type.

Understand the principle of pumping toilet can bring no help to life, if some minor failures, they can repair, do not worry about wasting water or toilet normal use, of course, we consider the different toilet when the toilet should also be combined with the actual needs Consider, including different brand characteristics and different prices to consider.