What Is The Working Principle Of Booster Shower Head ?

- Aug 29, 2017-

The shower can be said to be the bathroom in the necessary bath products, modern life has been more and more inseparable from the shower. With the development of technology, a variety of shower is also endless. In recent years a new type of shower has been welcomed by many families, that is, pressurized shower. Then the booster shower is really usefull? Today we'll take you to understand about it.


First, what is the booster shower ?

In fact, from the literally we can be very easy to understand the definition of pressurized shower. The supercharger is a shower that can increase the water pressure, and is a shower that is produced by the needs of some households. Booster shower to a large extent can be stable shower water pressure and water, is a good choice for home life.

Second, the booster shower useful ?

If you want to know the booster shower is useless, we need to understand the working principle from the supercharger. Most of the principle of pressurized shower is almost the same, but different brands of shower in some design or details are different. Pressurized showers are through the flow control measures to change the water pressure. When the water pressure is relatively small, the sprinkler open the water area will be relatively large, relatively large amount of water when the shower nozzle at the water pressure will be relatively large, so it played a role in the pressurization. From this point, the booster shower mainly changes the water pressure by changing the water area.

There is also a pressurized shower that flows into a three-wing accelerator when the water enters the shower head. So that the flow will form a rotation effect, the rotation of the flow rate and momentum will naturally increase.

In general, the supercharger is controlled by controlling the flow rate of the water flow. If the home is only a little smaller water pressure, but the supply of water pressure is very stable, then the booster shower can be a good solution to your problem of insufficient water pressure. But if your home is not a small water pressure, but the problem of water pressure instability. That is, when the water pressure is small, then the booster shower is not very good to help you solve your home water pressure problem.

After the above description, I believe you have solved the trouble of the pressurized shower you have doubts. That is, the supercharger is not used in all occasions, only in the case of relatively stable water pressure is applicable. Hope to help your future home life.