What Will The Bathroom Look Like After 20 Years ? (1)

- Jul 31, 2017-

Multi-identity bathroom

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60% of Germans want the bathroom to meet the needs of every family member, the future of modern technology can easily become a reality. When you walk into the bathroom, each section will automatically adjust to your favorite settings, including room temperature, music, light color and wash basin height, and even toilet surface patterns. Each piece of furniture and items in the bathroom has a variety of functions and functions: the bathtub can become a seating area, the shower area can be turned into a dry towel dry area, the wash basin can become a dressing table, the mirror can become a news screen , The shower can not only spray water can also flow shampoo ... ...

The additional advantage of a multi-identity bathroom is that it can be used in semi-public environments such as hotels and offices. Because of the cloud technology and the ability to save personal settings of the product, everyone can activate their own personal bathroom settings anywhere.