What Will The Bathroom Look Like After 20 Years ? (2)

- Aug 01, 2017-

Healthy bathroom

Family Health Center

A healthy bathroom can meet people's indispensable needs for health. About half of the Germans want the bathroom with a physical check and other functions, the future of the bathroom will use the data collection to become a comfortable private health diagnosis and management center. The bathroom not only measures the body's function, but also the collected receipts to the user and the user actively shaping the healthy lifestyle. Such as the toilet can analyze urine indicators, toothbrush can collect information in saliva, and even blood tests can be non-invasive and comfortable way to complete. Bathroom glass, ceramic surface can display these physical examination report data, voice report will also be achieved in the future.

This sustainable concept is also reflected in the design and decoration of the bathroom. From the use of environmentally friendly products to the recycling of stone, wood and ceramics and other natural materials popular.


Private bathroom

Bath and inner perfect balance

Private bathrooms can meet the aspirations of most people: about 71% of respondents said they needed a room to release and enjoy "private time". 20 years after the bathroom as ultra-modern home spa room to help users regain energy, to achieve physical and mental balance. Through the audio equipment, emotional lighting, aromatherapy and beauty wall projection, the bathroom will be the user into another wonderful world, the body and the brain are completely relaxed.

Private bathroom is not just a place to relax, but also to help personal growth experience of the meditation, virtual reality of the therapeutic effect to help users release the body and mind, reduce stress. In the increasingly busy working life in the future, these bathrooms will be transformed from the traditional shower room to the comfort of the spirit of the release of space, the user can choose a different digital theme, the bathroom into a private yoga or spa room. But also by controlling the lights, steam and music to create a private bath mode.